Why Do We Live Here?

Written by Bobbe White for “The White Pages”  WTAD.COM Why Do We Live Here? Frankly on weekends like the last one, I do not know.  It was simply too cold and icy to justify; too treacherous to visit family, stay upright while attempting to walk into work or do anything, really. All of this on… Continue reading Why Do We Live Here?

Do Something Scary: ROLL SOLO!

Dad and Mom did EVERYTHING together. “Irv, we have a cocktail party Friday night.” “Mkay” he’d say. “Irv, we’re going to a couples’ shower at the Peterson’s pool.” Dad, “Sure.” Mom, “Millers want to meet us in Chicago next month.” Dad, “I’ll reschedule something. Tell them we’ll be there!” So it went for sixty-plus years.… Continue reading Do Something Scary: ROLL SOLO!