Where Were You July 20, 1969?

  Like most major events, the moon landing and Neil Armstrong’s walk is firmly ingrained in our brains. We remember where we were and what we were doing. We remember what time of day it was. Me? Here’s what was going on… The place:  Lane 3 at Sheridan Swim Club’s annual invitational meet. The time:  3:18 P.M.… Continue reading Where Were You July 20, 1969?

BEING BRAVE & BOLD: Dumping Self-Doubt

  /Bobbe White/6.13.18/ Recently, Sam Horn, Intrigue Agency, wrote about being Bolder in Boulder. She was entered into a 10K walk and almost let self-doubt demolish her plans. She asked us readers if we were being bold on our own behalf. I replied and she suggested sharing my reply, as others might relate. The last… Continue reading BEING BRAVE & BOLD: Dumping Self-Doubt

Pedaling My Tush Off

/bobbe white/5.22.18/     While in St. Louis, my daughter-in-law, Jenna, treated me to Cycle Bar for spin class. I spin occasionally and do other cardio workouts, so I was certain I could hold up for 45 minutes. Walking Lily used to be cardio, but, seriously, how many 77 year olds do you know who… Continue reading Pedaling My Tush Off

Oh, Those Cubs, Always Full of Surprises

Wtad.com/whitepages/101317  Bobbe White On a sunny September 9th, Wrigley Field spread before us. It was my first visit. I now have a certificate that says so. The ballpark is spectacular, from the rooftop bleachers to our seats in the shade and I now have a greater appreciation for “Field of Dreams.” As we waited for… Continue reading Oh, Those Cubs, Always Full of Surprises

In Memory: He Took My Can’t Away

written for WTAD.COM/WHITE PAGES – 7/14/17 Bobbe White Another piece was written yesterday, but I got busy and forgot to send the accompanying photo. I finally remembered, but it was after we’d gotten the call, Jeff’s dad had died. It didn’t seem fitting to post my typical, “Silly day or thought in the life of… Continue reading In Memory: He Took My Can’t Away

It’s Almost Time: Teams for Tots

  wtad.com/white pages/3.30.17/Bobbe White Ahhhhh, spring and summer sports. To a child, it’s like Christmas. Hear them singing? “T-balls roasting in the summer sun…” “Deck the pool with lots of chlorine, fa-la-la-la-la…” “Hark the herald grass and sand traps!” “Tennis balls are coming to town!” What an exciting time! There are uniforms to buy, schedules and… Continue reading It’s Almost Time: Teams for Tots