Did They Really Just Say That?

There’s a new book in the works! It’s about loved ones who are aging and/or declining. To add some shock and awe (more humor than shock and awe) it will include a chapter on faux pas said by people who’ve misplaced—or completely lost— their communication filters! (Perhaps they never had one!) It happens so quickly,… Continue reading Did They Really Just Say That?

Practicing Help Thanks Wow

Practicing Help Thanks Wow Bobbe White – 8/02/2020 I asked a friend to recommend a book that had been helpful to her during a tough time as I needed an idea for a struggling friend. She sited Anne Lamott’s bestseller, “Help Thanks Wow: The Three Essential Prayers.” The ironic thing is that I had given it… Continue reading Practicing Help Thanks Wow

WTH? (Where’s the humor)

Good Friday Morning! I didn’t mean Good Friday, exactly, or is it? In psychology circles, we call this, “Reality Orientation” and some of us a really struggling with simple things, like, “What day is it?” SHORT BUT SWEET post today readers. My pinky is impaired. Yesterday I joined a sorority called “Phi Slamma Jamma.”  (See photo.)… Continue reading WTH? (Where’s the humor)

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Everyone has questions.

The OG of eternal optimists, Dad had a great outlook on life. Sometimes too much so! Sometimes, I’d want to say, “Mediocre down, Dad, mediocre down!” He had oodles of life experiences – some life threatening, but his attitude carried him through most of them. Irvie didn’t do well without answers. He’d really be struggling… Continue reading You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

Aftermath: the forgotten haircut

When irony occurs, It’s both amazing and amusing. I’ve received several benefits and insights from that missed haircut last week. Go figure. Mistakes have a way of providing those things. First, Kris, the stylist, was gracious about my no-show. How does he do it? I’m not sure if I could be as forgiving. This a… Continue reading Aftermath: the forgotten haircut