Bunk Beds & Fluke Fishing

Last week-end, friends offered us their Long Island, NY home. Jeff and I slept in their 7 year-old’s bunk beds. That was fun.  Not since college, had I bottom-bunked. As many times as I’d sat up quickly in bed, there should be permanent grid marks on my forehead, from hitting the top bunk. (Womp! Owwwww,… Continue reading Bunk Beds & Fluke Fishing

Olympic Fatigue

Can someone please pass the toothpicks? My eyes, and those of quite a few coworkers, are bleary-eyed these days, from staying up late, to watch the Olympics. Sure, Katie (Ledecky) and Michael (seriously, you need a last name?) have worked hard to churn the pool for gold, but do they have to wait on the… Continue reading Olympic Fatigue

It’s a Tough World Out There

It’s Friday, June 17, 2016… …and it’s a tough world out there. Within the past week, A talented singer is killed in Orlando, 50 people gunned down in Orlando nightclub, Two-year old is killed by alligator outside of Orlando. Poor people, poor families, poor community, poor Orlando.  Makes a person understand what “being under a… Continue reading It’s a Tough World Out There

How I Felt Like A Real Bank Customer

Several things I do at the bank for customers: -Complete the debit card form for traveling customers going to different states/countries. (I designed the form and am quite proud of this.) -Increase debit card daily limits temporarily, as requested -Open, close, or rearrange most kinds of checking or savings accounts Recently, I’d explained to customers… Continue reading How I Felt Like A Real Bank Customer

Ten Events To Schedule on Leap Year

Imagine certain events which could be lengthened by quadrennial silliness… 1. Birthday: the obvious for anyone over 50. It’s like dog years for people. I’m 15. Cool! 2. Eye doctor: Vision tests make me feel like a total failure. I haven’t passed one since fourth grade. Not only is it the command, “Read the bottom… Continue reading Ten Events To Schedule on Leap Year

Life Through Korey’s Eyes

Hooray for today! Korey’s 27.   Here’s one mother’s perspective about her daughter. The goal isn’t to embarrass or offend, but if your eye twitches while reading, it’s her rolling her eyes at me. On being hurried. I cannot count the times she helped search for my keys, wallet and phone. As a little girl, she’d… Continue reading Life Through Korey’s Eyes

Well, Bite My Bubbles: A One-winged Woman Wrestles With What’s Worthy

Welcome to our new subscribers from PACT of Western Illinois! There’s nothing like shoulder surgery to reprioritize my world. (Bone spur/cuff tears repaired) With Bruce Jenner in the news, it seems the Olympic Decathlon describes the experience well, albeit, not with its traditional events. Swimming- 40 years of Swimming = wear and tear. Now, I… Continue reading Well, Bite My Bubbles: A One-winged Woman Wrestles With What’s Worthy

Fear: The Breakfast of Champions

Last post, I challenged you: WWDD? (What would different do?) What did you do different in September? Please share! (1) comment here (2) Facebook (3 email: bobbe@trylaughter.com or (4) send smoke signals. Just share it! Here’s my September different. My kids sent me to South Carolina, as a gift, to see Debbie – a sister-kind-of-person.… Continue reading Fear: The Breakfast of Champions