It’s a Tough World Out There

It’s Friday, June 17, 2016… …and it’s a tough world out there. Within the past week, A talented singer is killed in Orlando, 50 people gunned down in Orlando nightclub, Two-year old is killed by alligator outside of Orlando. Poor people, poor families, poor community, poor Orlando.  Makes a person understand what “being under a… Continue reading It’s a Tough World Out There

Women of the Gulf War: Kitrina

During February, I’m digressing from my usual rants and honoring some very special women on the 25th anniversary of the Gulf War. You possibly read Kitrina’s on Facebook. If you have, please share it. These women’s stories are empowering and inspiring.  Before serving in the military, Kitrina Serna described herself as stubborn, stupid, spoiled and… Continue reading Women of the Gulf War: Kitrina