HELLO! It’s been a while. Why? (Shrugging emoji!) Excellent excuses follow:

  1. Just couldn’t figure out what to write during COVID. So I didn’t.
  2. Retired from the bank 12/31/2020! I have more time now.
  3. Finally finished writing my book! Say WHAT? What Book? Stay with me…

Whew! This puppy took parts of three years for me to finish writing. I dabbled and dawdled. Life got in the way. Okay, it was pure procrastination. #truth

Why do we procrastinate? Who knows? Unfinished business protects us from having to address the next thing, project, or endeavor. Because THAT’s scary. (And that’s stupid!)

Like chili on a back burner, you can simmer it forever. Stir occasionally and it’ll be just fine.

It’s the same with writing.

Speaking of puppies, we got one! Snow White is a black Lab. Get it? Our name…Snow + White. It was either that or Betty White! If you’re puzzled over a black dog named Snow White, check out Dole bananas when shopping at the grocery. Some of the bunches have the OG Snow White on them. She had black hair. Our Snow took a LOT of my time, which took away from writing. (Oh look, another excuse!) But it was time well invested. She’s a sweetheart! Hairy, but sweet.

Now, back to the book. This is the first book I’ve uploaded to Amazon. It took a few attempts to get it right. I was frustrated and almost didn’t upload it. As they say in football, “The last twenty yards are the longest!” Fortunately, I had a wonderful expert in Bill Beard, to format the pages to Amazon’s specs and encourage me. I’m currently awaiting my first copy. And I’m a little bit nervous. This is due to Murphy’s law for authors, “On the first page to which an author turns, there will be a typo.” I will count on it!

Perfectionism is the devil, but I’ll still be proud of the book. Mainly because I finished it. Yes I did. Simple goals. Even if it isn’t published by Simon and Schuster, Penguin/Random House, or Harper Collins, and it won’t be on the New York Times best seller list—or any list—I still think it has value.

I hesitated to announce it here, because I didn’t want it to seem like this was a pushy sales ploy to buy my book. (Okay, so maybe I did just a little bit.) Basically, I’d love to share my work with you! Hey, if I don’t promote it, who will? There are several ways to get the book:

  1. eBook-Kindle
  2. Paperback on Amazon, or
  3. Paperback direct (i.e. if you live near me in Quincy, IL…book signing event coming soon!)

This book is also the first book I’ve had illustrated. (See below.) Laura Gramke did a great job. Just great! Her drawings are whimsical and they add a lot of personality to the content. In fact, she created a coloring book for big people in the back of the book. Color away, my friend. It’s good for what ails you! And coloring is also found in the book as a tip.

Happy reading,