Bobbe White


While many of you watched tennis, soccer or golf this past weekend, I found a fabulous match of my own. It was a busy Saturday, starting at 7:30 a.m. with Lily White’s annual shots and pedicure. Dr. Bridget checked her from teeth to tail. 

“Any changes since your last visit?” she asked.

“Not many, except the skin tag on her belly has developed into a penis!”

“Yes, well, those skin tags can become quite unsightly!” she said nonchalantly.

“I know! The neighbor’s two-year-old grandson spotted the skin tag and pointed. He couldn’t find words, but knew the anatomy wasn’t right!”

After the vet, we hit Starbuck’s (Puppacino), cleaners (dog biscuit) and home. From there, I flew to Poundfit, followed by a gas-up and oil change. I told you it was busy. At this point, my friend, Michele, invited me to go swimming. 

“Thanks! I’m four cars back for an oil change. I can’t escape. I’ll be a little late.”

Finally, I was finished and calculated the time it would take to go home to get a swimsuit and towel. It was quicker to go to K-Mart, right across from Quik-Lube. Besides, after July 4th all swimwear goes on sale. I grabbed a suit. It would suffice, even if I:

         A. didn’t like it or 

         B. it didn’t fit well.

I was sweaty and sick of running errands, but had accomplished much. I was pleasantly surprised by K-Mart’s selection for my desperation purchase. After check-out, I made a quick change. I was on my way to the pool!

I approached Michele and Tim’s lounge chairs.

“Hi! I’m here!”

Michele’s eyes popped wide open. She was nearly speechless.

“OMG!” She yelled.

She saw through my cover-up (Free with women’s swimwear purchase today! Ch-Ching!”) I looked at her. She looked at me. And then…laughter. Lots and lots of laughter. Now, THAT’s a match!