Bobbe White 06/02/17IMG_3782.PNG

The dashcam footage of Tiger demonstrating -or rather not demonstrating the officer’s sobriety tests was startling. It makes me sad. I’m sad, not because I was a devoted fan of Tiger Woods, but what he did for his sport and all sports is something special. Besides Mohamed Ali and Michael Jordan, Tiger may be the most -or in the top ten -of the most recognizable humans on earth.

You’ve seen it before: the kings or queens of sports, music or movies fall from grace. It happens with some type of incident, accident or gradual demise.

When reading the police report, I was horrified at Tiger’s condition while driving. His personal physician(s) had to know he was on a slippery slope with his medications. But has he no close friends or even housekeeper who could hide his keys? That bothers me the most. While I hate to see any human destroy himself or herself, I would hate to see others destroyed because of his carelessness. Let me guess, his personal assistant was playing golf and having a few shots after the round.

Hopefully, Tiger can recover from his medication nightmare. We need heroes. Even the ones who fell hard and fast, but managed to climb out of their holes. As Jack Nicklaus was quoted, “Tiger needs our prayers.” Indeed. Children need to see him doing good things again. Even if it’s as a poster child in public service announcement for substance abuse. Life’s funny like that; one minute, you’re driving for show and putting for dough. The next thing, you’re learning, is Nancy Reagan’s campaign, “Just say NO.” Isn’t ironic that one of Tiger’s biggest sponsor is (was?) Nike. C’mon Tiger, your recovery is needed. It could be your biggest win ever. Just do it, Tiger, just do it.