How many times have we heard similar words coming out of our mouths?

“I’ll call you!”

“Let’s go to lunch!”

“Let’s get together sometime!”

But, nothing happens. These become empty promises, although we really meant it, when we said it. We really did.

Starting today, I’m acting on my empties. In the grocery last Sunday, Michelle M. was desperately searching for lavender flavored Epson salts. I was after dog bones, when I said it (once again), “We never did that lunch…”

“I know….”

“We must try.”

“Yes. Let’s.”

Two years ago, we promised to get together. Two years! The words repeated themselves, like a broken record -okay, like a scratched C.D. – over and over in my head.

This week, I began a list. While it’s not very long, I’m going to start checking the names off,  lunch by lunch. I texted Michelle yesterday morning before work. An impromptu attempt might just work. It did! She was available. Noon. Applebee’s. Then…snow. And slick. Very slick. “How cruel,” I thought, “Here I am, trying to be proactive and the roads are beyond horrible.” The only city truck, which had been salting the roads, was last seen in a ditch. We cancelled after being that close. Normally, we’d probably drop it, “Okay, no problem, let’s try it another time.” Nope! We’re went the next day. It may have been 9 degrees, but the roads were clear.

One reason these lunches never happen, may be the fact that for one hour each day, errands can get done, or workouts, or just reading. Brown bags are us. Still, realistically, errands are never going to be finished, workouts can be done at other hours and reading also. It’s going to be a new personal policy of mine: don’t make empty promises. If I say it, I’ll plan it. I mean it.

In the meantime, the next person is going to get a call…today, for possible lunch tomorrow. Make a deal and act on your words with me, okay? But things always come up. My “T” key on my PC won’t work without punching hard. It’s very annoying and it’s not easy to write without the letter T. I tried to find words without Ts and it’s not easy. I should cancel lunch and get my PC repaired. But I can do that after work. I’ve taken my T for granted, kind of like my friends and those unplanned lunches. No more. Are you with me?t