Who knew a Facebook link would send me into fits of laughter? Crying, snorting, gasping laughter. I pressed replay. Again. And again. I went to my parents’ home to see if it was just me. My father mirrored my laughter, right down to the snorting. He cries at anything, so that wasn’t the true test. But the snorting. Ahhhh, the snorting. That was for real! We fed off of each other’s contagion. Take a look for yourself, and remember, we’re not laughing at the couple, but at the talk show host’s inability to contain his inappropriate laughter. And you’re lying to yourself if you’ve never had this happen. Go on. Have a laugh. I think I can substitute this for sit-ups if done daily. Laughter. It’s so delicious. Bon appetit!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7TlN-DJTL0E